Ralph Matthews has three 2/9's - 9/30/05 incl Lucree/Beehive*
Gerald Scheperle has 3 Vocalions in storage.*
Mark Scheperle has 2 Vocalions in storage *
A 2/10 at Soldier's/Airmen's Home,Wash, DC. (W. Leupold)
Seventh Day Adventist-Helena, Montana 2/9 needs restoration.
Carl Shannon has a I man, a 2/9 and a 2/17 in storage* .
A 2/17 in the Cong/Community Church, Roxbury, VT (cf. Bruce Stevens) Victorian Case
West Minot. ME
Bert Grimmius, Outlook, WA has 1/m
Lawton Posey's email mentions a 1/m V in the Upper Tract Presbyterian Church, WV. Used regularly.
Vocalion in Williamsport, IN (KBW-1/m)
Wesley Zellmer Collection - 2/17 sold in '99 to Daniel Schwandt. Nick M will get info.
Episcopal Church, Bramwell, W.VA. 2/m
Presbyterian Church-No. Baltimore, OH
Netherlands-1/m-style 60. Annette Harris, Sodus Bay, will be in touch w/data
Historic Adventist Village, Battle Creek, MI. 1/m
Dave Smith-Outback Music had a 2m/p. New owner unknown.
Hill & Sons 2m/p in Adelaide, Australia (ROSQ XXV-1) ROS2909
A Vocalion in Mexico -cf. JT
A 2m/6, Hamerton, UK. Cf. Rob Allan)
A 1/m w/illuminated V (Charles Lester, Faith Lutheran Ch.)
A 2/9 Don Clark, Bentonville, VA
A 1/m-3 rk in Milton, NY (Auchincloss)
A 1/m in Church, Franklin, WV
R.D. Gault-1/m cf. .Q 1988 p23
Michael Barisonek-1/m cf. JQ
Check out Fretwork Case 2/10 Jim Richard's article
Dean DeMartin has a 2 m/p for sale.4708 Avery, Detroit 48208. 313-770-2970
1/m Aeolian V - Eleanore Honeyman, Hettinger N. D.
Church of God - Kalispell, 2/10 Aeolian V
A 3 man was for sale. D. Archer 114 Kentzel Rd. Pittsburgh. Music-AGO 3/69
2 m/p, Queen Margeurite Summer Palace, Monza, Italy
2 m/p, Queen Maud of Norway
1/m Pipe Top, Nevada City, MT
St. Mary's Church, Raceland, LA 1/m
2m/p, style 14, Lakeside Museum, San Diego, CA
Two one manual V's in storage-Doug Bullock-Alton, IL
A 2 m/p Mason & Risch, Ito Shin Music Co, Hamamatsu, Japan
A 1/m, Haunted House, Petrolia, Ont.
Congregational church, Woodstock, VT
Christian Church, Woodstock, VT
Cultus Lake Church 1/m, British Columbia
Presb. Ch. Bath, PA 2/m M&R